Join us for the chance to win the prestigious Owner’s Cup

MAY 18, 2024

Fishing + Fun + Giveaways + Raffles + More

Captain’s Meeting
May 16 | 6PM


SeaHunter Factory (Rusty Gaff)


Food, Drinks, Music


Tournament Date
May 18, 2024


Weigh Station Opens


Cocktail Party & Awards
4:00PM – 7:30PM


Engraved #1 on the Cup


Register Soon

Entry Fee

$100.00 per boat


Includes T-Shirt, Goody Bucket, Captains Meeting Happy Hour & awards ceremony dinner.


Registration must be received By April 1st to ensure shirt and Goody Bucket.


The above includes 3 anglers and 1 captain.


Eligible Participants: Only Seahunter Boats are invited to participate.

Eligible Fish Categories

Billfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna. Bottom Fish: (Grouper, Snapper Cobia & African Pompano).

Fish Limits

A maximum of 1 fish per category may be weighed in per boat. All fish must meet State and Federal requirements and caught in US waters. The tournament officials will determine the acceptability of all fish entered, which must be in fresh, un-mutilated condition and caught the same day of the tournament. Any Billfish Killed will not count in score. All Billfish must be released alive.


25 Points (lbs.) for released billfish. 1 point per LB for all other fish. 1 fish per category limit.

Round Up

The total combined points of each category per boat.


In the event of a tie in points, the winner will be determined by the earliest weighed in time.

Fishing Hours

Start time Saturday 12:00 am, May 18th from any dock or marina. Fish must be at the scale by 4:00 pm. Deadline will be strictly enforced. Once the boat leaves for fishing it may not be loaded or transported on a trailer before fish are entered to be eligible for any awards.

Official Weigh Station

SeaHunter Marina at Manatee Bay. Weigh in hours from 2:30 pm to 4 pm. All fish must be brought to the weigh station by the in which they were caught. The deadline will be strictly enforced.


Live or dead bait permitted. All fish must be caught on Rod and Reel. No hand line, wire line or electric reels are allowed.

Anglers Per boat & Safety

The limit per registration is 4, Additional anglers are $50.00. Each Boat owner is responsible for compliance to state and federal regulations for Licenses, safety equipment and Weather Conditions.

Overall Roundup Prizes

First place $5000.00 Second place $3000.00 Third place $2000.00


Heaviest Fish Award

Billfish (First Caught) $500 Time Stamped Picture required.


Dolphin $500.00
Wahoo $500.00
Kingfish $500.00
Tuna $500.00
Bottom fish $500.00
(only 1 of the following can be weighed: Grouper, Snapper, Cobia, or African Pompano)

Registration Form

  • Owner's Information

  • Boat Information

  • Angler's Details

  • Additional Anglers (additional $50/angler)